1. Sweet Victim

Slick Velveteens Presents!
Sweet Victim (Single)

Slick Velveteens are:
Devi Strill - Guitar, Vocals
Kenz Waldon - Guitar, Vocals
Danny Cringe - Drums, Percussion
George Grimm - Bass, Backing Vocals, Horns
Kim Cordray - Saxophone

Music by - Devi Strill, Kenz Waldon, Danny Cringe, George Grimm
Lyrics by - Devi Strill, Kenz Waldon

Drums Recorded at SLCC South City by Chris Markert on 6/21/19
Recording, Mixing, Mastering done at Old Soul Sound by George Grimm
Released 05/01/20
All rights belong to SV inc. in conjunction with Old Soul Sound